“Love A Kid” Club

Imagine not having a nurturing childhood because of divorce, abuse, neglect, poverty, or negative peer influences. It's heartbreaking. But you can help a child in Central Florida have a second chance at a better future by joining our Love A Kid club today. Your donation of as little as $25 per month can change a child's life by providing housing, education, and restoration. Since 1966, Edgewood Children's Ranch has helped thousands of children overcome adversities and live purposeful and transformed lives. We understand that many families struggle to cover the cost of care for their child in our program due to cost-burdened homes, poverty, and other challenging situations. That's why we never refuse a child based on their ability to pay. Many families pay no or a small amount of money for our services. Join us and make a difference in a child's life today.

Why Do We Exist


Edgewood Children's Ranch is a trusted childcare facility and restoration home serving the individual healing needs of children in Central Florida. Our mission is to empower children to thrive through love, structure, education, and Biblical Values. Our purpose is to help children to live purposeful and transformed lives.

Why Change Need To Happen


A study called the Adverse Childhood Experience Study conducted by the CDC shows that traumatic experiences in a child's life such as experiencing violence, abuse, or neglect or witnessing it in the home or community have a negative impact on that child's future. The report states that other types of factors creating trauma in children today include substance abuse problems in the home, instability due to parental separation or a parent being in jail or prison.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study demonstrates

  • Children who have experienced trauma are more likely to engage in early initiation of smoking, sexual activity, illicit drug use, and suicide.
  • Children with multiple traumas have significantly higher rates of heart disease, chronic pulmonary lung disease, hepatitis, depression, and diabetes.

According to the National Institute of Justice, abused and neglected children are

  • 59% more likely to be arrested for juvenile crime.
  • 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult.

There is hope for children living in and going through these traumatic experiences. Even though these children have had a rough start, there is potential for a positive future. Our child care facility and restoration home provide children ages 9-17 in Central Florida with love, structure, behavioral training, and education helping them to live a purposeful and transformed life.  Children who complete our program have a better chance to finish school, respect authority, avoid destructive behaviors that have negative impacts, and have the tools to build a healthy family in the future. Our children now have hope for a successful future in their life. Healthier individuals and families lead to a healthier Central Florida Community.

See the list below for all the ways
you can support our program!

Love a Kid Club

Edgewood Children’s Ranch was founded to help at-risk children and families nd hope. Your monthly support of our program allows us to succeed in this mission. By joining the “Love A Kid Club”, your support of $25 per month will help a child in Central Florida to have a second chance at a better future. Our goal is to reach 2,000 monthly “Love A Kid Club” supporters. This amount of support helps us to house, educate, and restore up to 60 kids’ lives per year in the Central Florida area. Your support in any amount will help us provide a loving environment where kids can learn to thrive and succeed in life and where families can nd healing.

Donate Stock

Donating appreciated stock to Edgewood Ranch is one of the easiest ways to give. Donating stock directly to charity is a tax-smart way to give. This allows you to donate more and benefit long-term by avoiding Capital Gains tax. For more information or to donate stock, please call our business development office at 407-295-2464 ex. 5.

In Loving Memory

Over the years, Edgewood Children’s Ranch has been given thousands of donations in memory of a loved one. This has been an amazing blessing for us at the Ranch and a great way to honor the legacy of a loved one.

Donate Groceries

A great way you can support the Ranch is by thinking of us when you go to the grocery store. With over 60 mouths to feed every day, groceries are a constant need.

Some Top Items Needed:
Toilet Paper & Paper Towels
Spaghetti & Sauce
Any Meat
Breakfast Cereal
Flour, Pancake Mix & Syrup
Fresh Produce

Typically, if you buy it for your family, our Ranchers and families could use it. Every little bit helps.

Attend Events

Work at Edgewood